Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who are the attorneys representing the members of the AMPMQ class action (Association des membres de la police montée du Québec inc. et al. v The King (Attorney General of Canada) (S.C.Q.: 500-06-000820-163)?

A1: There are three firms collectively representing the members of the Québec RCMP class action; Nelson Champagne Avocats, Duggan Avocats and Savonitto & Associés Inc.


Q2: What is the status of the class action and how can I stay informed?

A2: Please refer to the Update button on our homepage, or click here for a copy of the latest update.

If you have completed the auto-evaluation, updates will be sent directly to email address you provided.

If you have not completed the auto-evaluation yet, we suggest that you do so here.


Q3: Are female RCMP members (civil and regular) eligible to participate in this class action?

A3: Female RCMP members may be eligible to participate in the AMPMQ class action if:

- They meet the class definition; and

- Their claims are not solely related to sexual orientation or gender-based harassment or discrimination.

For more information on eligibility, we suggest that you take the auto-evaluation, available here.


Q4: What do I have to do to participate/join this class action? How will I know if I am a member?

A4: You are automatically considered to be a potential class member if :

- You meet the class definition; and

- You did not opt out as directed in the Class Action Notice (notice available here) If you are unsure if you meet the class definition, we suggest that you complete the auto-evaluation (available here).

We invite you to complete the auto-evaluation even if you are sure that you meet the class definition and/or have already spoken to a member of our legal team.


Q5: Is this class action connected to other class actions involving the RCMP?

A5: No. While other class actions may exist, these are not connected to the AMPMQ class action. The AMPMQ class action was certified by the Superior Court of Quebec in August of 2018.


Q6: Does this class action only apply to members who worked in Quebec?

A6: Not exclusively. Members who did not work in Quebec may also be eligible, as long as they meet one of the possible connections to Quebec described in the class definition.

To know more, we suggest that you consult the authorisation decision and complete the auto-evaluation, available here.


Q7: Will I be held accountable for legal fees if I participate in the AMPMQ class action?

A7: No, class members will not be personally held accountable for any legal fees accrued during the course of the class action.


Q8: How do I opt out of this class action?

A8: The deadline to opt out of the class action expired on May 22, 2019.

Please consult the Notice of Class Action made available to members on March 22, 2019, for more information.


Q9: If I was a member of another class action against the RCMP am I still allowed to participate in the Quebec RCMP class action?

A9: Yes, if you fit the definition of the group and have not received compensation for the same allegations.