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Who is a class member?

You are a “Main class member” if you are a member or civilian member of the RCMP and hold a document (or series of documents) issued by the RCMP stating a position detrimental to you and allowing to presume that you were then victim of “abuse of power” (defined hereinafter), by a member of the staff of the RCMP (defined hereinafter), on the condition of fulfilling one of the following requirements:

  • having suffered from abuse of power in Quebec;
  • having suffered from abuse of power committed by a staff member then situated in Quebec;
  • having to perform your duties for the RCMP in Quebec, at the time when the abuse of power was committed;
  • having your domicile or your residence in Quebec when you suffered from abuse of power.

You are a “First subclass member” if you meet the criteria as a “Main class member” and suffered the injury by reason of belonging to the language group of French locutors.

You are a “Second subclass member” if you meet the criteria as a “Main class member” and suffered the injury by reason of your activities related to freedom of association and the right to unionize.

You are an “Excluded person” if you belong to the class governed by the judgment of the Federal Court rendered on May 30, 2017 in the matter of Merlo v. Canada (file no. T-1685-16), unless you have opted out of that class action.

The word “staff” includes alternatively:

  1. any officer of the RCMP holding at the time of the abuse of power a rank higher than that of the victim;
  2. a person holding an attribute of the RCMP`s management rights as employer, in particular by performing functions of labour relations, human resources, staffing, occupational health and safety, remuneration, social benefits, finances or litigation.

The expression “abuse of power” is a synonym of “Injury” and comprises of: physical harassment, psychological harassment, retaliation, discrimination and all other forms of abuse of power.

The designated class representatives are Paul Dupuis, Marc Lachance and the Quebec Mounted Police Members Association.


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